Oleron Stand Up Paddle Naish Test CenterDiabolo Fun Watersports School Oleron Island Good Deals Equipment sale (new and second hand) "The" Diabolo Fun|Oxbow T-shirt!
Diabolo Fun Watersports School Oleron Island renews its stock of equipment very frequently. As a result the school sell EVERYTHING !
Windsurf boards, surf boards, boat gear, body boards, Blokart, stand up paddle boards, insulated wet suits, etc... PRICES ARE EXTRA COMPETITIVE !!!

Are you looking for that very special piece of equipment ?

Do contact us at (contact@diabolofun.com) giving full details (type of board, sail type and size, navigation program, wet-suit size…).

You are looking for a brand new equipment too? We can help you…

There’s bound to be something for you!
Join the Tribe !!!

Diabolo Fun Watersports School Oleron Island
, in partnership with OXBOW, offers you “THE” T-shirt.

If you want to wear the Diabolo Fun T-Shirt, order now by email contact@diabolofun.com specifying your size (S, M, L ou XL).
Classy uhhh???