Bassin Indoor Bassin Indoor Bassin Indoor Bassin Indoor Bassin Indoor Bassin Indoor Bassin Indoor Bassin Indoor Indoor Pool A unique concept! For all ages ! A tremendous attraction! Exeptional visibility for your advertisers! Loads of activities for all kinds of people of all ages Remote control sailing... our main attraction! Numerous international refrences to testify about our vast experience!
Just imagine! Sea-going activities for the general public within an exhibition hall, in a demountable pool which is compact enough for transport, but which has room enough for two windsurf boards, a sailing boat, and plenty of other surprises... Complete with WIND generated by a bank of fans! The “Indoor Pool” is the perfect way to enliven your exhibition or show, your sporting event, your promotional or incentive event, or your public/press relations event...

Oddly enough, the “Indoor Pool” works just as perfectly outdoors!
Children are magically attracted to water. So we invite them to free starter sessions for windsurfing… for the “Optimist” mini sail boat… Adults are every bit as welcome. Like the children, they can enjoy all the fun of gliding on the water, but their favourite game tends to be the remote controlled sailing boats. The “Indoor Pool” is the mandatory meeting place of your exhibition. With effective advertising targeted at the various school groups in your town, entire school classes will come to visit. The “Indoor Pool” is the unavoidable passing place of your show, that’s a fact. As a result, the press takes a great interest. Our best example to date is the live broadcast of “Thalassa” the famous television show dedicated to the ocean on France 3 during the International Paris Boat Show (Nautic).

You have the possibility of selling advertising space to local companies. We also conceive and organise your press and public relations operations.

We have the miracle recipe! Ask us about it now…
Windsurf, optimist beginner boat, catamaran, Stand Up Paddle, canoe, kayak, remote-controlled model sail or motor boats, etc… Download here: "Indoor pool, reason of a succes!" Paris International Boat Show | Oslo International Boat Show | Budapest International Boat Show | Leucate World Sailing Show | Perpignan International Fair | Caen International Fair | Quimper Festival of Coastal Activities | America’s Cup promotion campaign 2005: Valencia [Spain] / Malmö [Sweden] / Trapani [Sicily, Italy] | America’s Cup promotion campaign 2006: Seven months touring across Europe with over 40 stopovers… | Volvo Ocean Race 2008 – 2009 | Barcelona World Race 2010 – 2011